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The Business Accelerator Program is your Unfair Advantage when it comes to starting and growing a successful business.
You'll be learning many of the very same tools and techniques that I previously trained Tony Robbins' clients on, (for which they paid a significantly higher price) along with additional revolutionary techniques. You can expect to learn more than just how to get people out there working for you in your business; these new approaches will revolutionize the way you go about running yours!
Here's what we'll be covering
in the Business Accelerator Program
Your Business Purpose:
You’ll learn how to identify your business Purpose and why it is so important that you do. You'll see the benefits of having a clear purpose for everyone in every position on the team, which will help keep everybody focused on what they need to be doing at all times.
The Power of a Mission: 
For many, deciding on a mission statement might seem like the most tedious part of starting their own business. However, it is one of the best ways to ensure that your company becomes successful in today's competitive marketplace! A clear and focused plan for what your organization will accomplish over 10 years may just be all you need to create radical success.
Company Values: 
A healthy company is more than just staying afloat, it's about making an impact on the world. A value structure provides direction and consistency to a business that would otherwise be lost in translation without one.

A different approach to running your own company may seem daunting at first but with time you will find out what works for you! It all starts with establishing overarching values of which everything else can follow suit.
Meetings, What's Up With Those?: 
I've found that the most productive people have a routine. I'm not just talking about what they do every day, but also how often and when things are done each week or month. In Module 2 of my BAP series, you'll learn exactly how to conduct engaging & exciting productivity briefings and huddles so your team can start producing more than ever before!
The Mastery of Setting Exciting Outcomes:
Module 3 of the BAP is all about mastering setting exciting outcomes and navigating your way to ultimate business success. The "O.W.N." Achievement Method will ensure that you, your team, and even those around them are constantly moving toward their desired end-game while being able to measure progress along the way with ease!
Your Cognitive Belief System:
Module 4 of the BAP dives deep into a powerful yet often underutilized tool: your Cognitive Belief System. Remember that it is not what's true, but how you think about things - and even more importantly, how you tell stories to yourself based on those thoughts - that can make all the difference in achieving business success. Make only small adjustments by shifting both your perspective and thought patterns so as to positively impact future outcomes for greater results!
 Maximize Your Sales Process: 
Did you know that if every company in the world had a 4% increase in sales, 40 million people would be lifted out of poverty?
Faster time to market. Higher conversions rates. Greater customer retention and engagement: All are at your fingertips when Module 5 is fully utilized!

Module 5 teaches key areas where making small adjustments can yield big changes through improved performance across every stage of your sales process.
Getting Social: 
It's not enough to just have a great business idea. You need people talking about it, and that takes big time social media strategy - which we've got you covered with in this module! We won't leave your brand out of the conversation when it comes to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram because these are some of our favorite platforms for growing awareness (and they're free!).

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