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You'll be learning several of the very same tools and techniques that I previously trained Tony Robbins' clients on, (for which they paid a significantly higher price), along with additional tools that will completely revolutionize the way you and your team conducts business.
Here's what we'll be covering
in the Business Accelerator Program
Your Business Purpose:
You’ll learn the importance of defining your business Purpose, and how by having it clear and on the forefront of everyone’s minds you’ll always stay on task and on track towards your ultimate business success.
The Power of a Mission: 
This isn’t your typical mission statement, rather, defining your businesses’ 10-year mission. It’s what you’ll now be committed to accomplishing over the next 10 years. Businesses experience radical success when there’s a clear path ahead and your Mission both defines and sets that path in motion.
Company Values: 
Ensure the health of the company for years to come, and without a value structure in place, businesses will face challenges in direction and consistency
Meetings, What's Up With Those?: 
In Module 2 of the BAP I share the exact strategy to conduct productive and engaging Yearly, Quarterly, Monthly Weekly and Daily productivity briefings and huddles which is the real secret behind increasing your overall productivity by up to 400% or more.
The Mastery of Setting Exciting Outcomes:
Module 3 of the BAP is all about the art and mastery of setting exciting outcomes and how to Navigate your way to your ultimate business success. I introduce the O.W.N. Achievement Method and teach a simple easy and fun way to ensure that you and your team are constantly and consistently moving toward your ultimate business goals, all the while being able to measure the progress along the way.
Your Cognitive Belief System:
Module 4 of the BAP dives deep into the power of your Cognitive Belief System, and how by making a few small shifts in both the way you see things and the stories you create about them, you can radically shift your business trajectory towards achieving even more of what you want.
 Maximize Your Sales Process: 
Module 5 of the BAP teaches you how to Expand, Improve, Optimize & Augment your entire sales process. You’ll be shown the key areas to make small shifts and the massive results that can be achieved from doing so.
Getting Social: 
Module 6 of the BAP is on getting social – social media that is. We dive deep into all the social media platforms and provide you with a proven rock-solid method to grow the exposure of your brand, all without having to spend a dime on advertising.

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